Imagine a typical fantasy world. Really, any will do. Elves, dwarves, paladins on horseback, all trying to save the world from a great evil. Now imagine the evil won.
This world of fantasy is now called Rumah Kedua. Many years ago a man called the [[:Reptile King]] conquered the land, and drove out most civilized people. The people, on the brink of extinction, prayed to their long quiet gods. The gods gave them a chance, for that was all they could do. A choice. Retreat to the seas or be swallowed by the [[:Reptile King]]’s armies.
Five-thousand years have passed since the civilized people made that choice, and it has changed Rumah Kedua. The Reptile King conquered the land, and obtained near-godhood. But like anyone who is not immortal, he died. The broken people of the world were not evil, but they were lawless, and the land remained a chaotic jumble of tribes and small city-states. The people of the sea adopted a very ordered lifestyle, imposed on them by their gods, their leaders, and their cruel savior, the sea.

When the free people were driven to the shores of the seas, they held out against The [[:Reptile King]]’s forces for a year while they prayed for their survival. During this time the gods held a great council in the realm of Oceanus. The gods all gave their gifts in different ways. Some were spiteful, some were benevolent, but none provided for their people for free.

Humans Humans allied with elves and hadozee in their time of struggle. They settled islands and built ships. Many live with the elves on their floating cities. Some discovered the lost civilization of the aventi, and built a new culture among them. They incorporated into any civilization they could, and can be found among dwarves and halfling settlements.
Most that did not take to the sea became the savage tribes of Ouhuis.

Elves When Corellon Larethian answered the prayers of the elves, a great kelp forest sprouted trees. Some elves took to the trees, some to the kelp, and others to boats. These became the three elf races of the sea, the high and wood elves, aquatic elves, and grey elves. The high and wood elves settled forested islands, the aquatic made their homes and cities among kelp forests and reefs, while the grey elves took to magically crafted barges which functioned as floating city-states.
Valtamerii is a capitol city for all three races, built in the forest given to the elves by Corellon Larethian. It towers above the ocean and brushes the seafloor. From its marble temples to its oak and coconut forests down to the algae covered coral halls underwater, it is devoted to the elf god who first blessed his race with it.
Those that remained on the land became wild elves or joined with the drow and interbred.

Gnomes Garl Glittergold, always the trickster, gave the gnomes an island of terranium, and showed them how to craft it. The gnomes spent years creating new uses for it, until eventually they discovered that their island of pure terranium was shrinking. With their towns suddenly faced with sinking beneath the sea as their island of terranium became smaller and smaller, they sent submarines and steamships out into the world to find a solution. They quickly formed a strong alliance with the dwarves to obtain more terranium. Old Garl had helped teach the dwarves to mine the valuable substance from the sea floor. The dwarves readily accepted the offer of alliance, as they had only crude means of mining, and detested the wooden boats of men and elves. Along with the halflings who manned the great gnome weapons of war,and guarded the coastlines, the gnomes and dwarves forged The Dwarven Alliance.

Rumah Kedua