Rumah Kedua


Terranium (TP)
1 TP=10 gp
1 TP powers a diving suit for 24 hours
1 TP=100 gallons Terrapi requires 9 ranks in craft(alchemy), takes 1 day
1 TP=10 lbs Steampowder requires 9 ranks in craft(alchemy), takes 2 hours
1 lb terranium ore=1TP requires 5 ranks in craft(alchemy), takes 1/2 hour
1 TP weighs 1 oz


Terranium is a substance mined from the seafloor or aquatic caves. It is said to be a gift from the gods, during the end of the War of Retreat. It is used in many different forms, including Terrapi, Steampowder, and its pure form. It appears as prismatic metal, and is usually cast into 1 terranium point(TP) coins or 10 TP bricks. It is used in this form to power machines and diving suits.
Activate terranium is available as a cantrip to spellcasting classes, and an innate ability to gnomes.


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